Engimach in Gandhinagar is an international trade fair for machine tools and engineering, and one of the largest fairs of its kind in India. The fair is an excellent platform for introducing for new ideas, products and services. In addition, companies have the possibility to find partners for joint ventures and other forms of cooperation. It is one of the most dynamic industry trade fairs in Asia and presents its visitors a wide range of technologies and innovations.

The Solution

This is exhibition of the various engine spares and new generation engine used in various machines and automobile. There were about 75 to 80 companies in exhibition. All of them have its new innovative technique and technology to reduce the effort and maximize its efficiency of working. Few of the company have the new tools which can helps to open any engine with the single use. Overall, I had a great experience in this exhibition where I learned to much about the engine parts and spares which is used to maximize the efficiency and also helps to reduce effort. Which will be resulted into the cost cutting during manufacturing.

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Engi. Mach