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    June 2018

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    June 2019

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    Effective manufacturing of steam jet thermo compressor Is based on to reduce the manufacturing lead time by applying various time management tool. The most effective tool for the time management is SIX-SIGMA. Which can eliminate the miscellaneous activity and merge the similar activity in single process. Which is resulted into time reduction of manufacturing Thermo-Compressor. By using this technique, the Mazda Limited has saved their time and cost of the process and another machining activity.

    The Challenge

    We had analysed number of the problem at Mazda Limited during our project. Then with the help of the project engineer we will final one problem which is on priority of the company and give name as Effective manufacturing of steam jet thermo-Compressor. For the manufacturing of a single stage Thermo-Compressor size of 1*1 takes 6 days from material selection to final packaging.

    The Solution

    With the use of the time management tool SIX-SIGMA. Firstly, we prepared the DMAIC (Define, Measure, Analyze, Improve, Control) roadmap which is very crucial tool for the whole management process. Then rearrange the whole manufacturing process from cutting to dispatch and prepared about 5 roadmaps. Out of 5 one of them is much more effective and tie saving. So, we re-arrange following activity shown in map. And eliminate the repeat activity like machining and welding of certain repetitive parts. Which will be resulted into the time reduction of manufacturing the single stage Thermo-Compressor by 1 day. Moreover, due to this management the cost and time both were reduced.