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    June 2015

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    June 2016

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    To solve the various problems, occur in the generator is based on to solve the various problem occurred in the existing generator. With the use of the various attachments the problem gets solved and resulted accurately. Which may increase the efficiency of the generator.

    The Challenge

    We had analysed the major problem in generator during my project. Then with the help of the production engineer we give a name as To solve various problem occur in generator. We analysed the problem such as overheating, fuel consumption and efficiency of generator.

    The Solution

    We had solved such issue with the help of the Beaker and Induced fan. Firstly, I solved the problem of the overheating by using the induced fan which can supply or recirculate the air flow from the generator which may leads to decrease the temperature of the diesel engine.

    Secondly, The Problem for the measuring the efficiency of the generator which was resolved the use of the beaker by pouring the 1 litre fuel and check the maximum current output from them. This, is the best way to measure the accurate efficiency of the generator.

    This solution leads to resolve the various the problem accurate in the existing generator.